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    Fulbright Canada: Distinguished Chair Research Project



    Emotional Emancipation Circle Brings Support, Connection, And Learning To East Winston



    I am a trained facilitator of


    Emotional Emancipation Circles, EE Circles, EECs and related marks and logos are service marks owned exclusively by Community Healing Network, Inc. EEC facilitators, trainers, and hosts are independent, and are not employees, agents, partners, or corporate affiliates of Community Healing Network, Inc. or the Association of Black Psychologists.


    Black Psychology @ Winston-Salem State University, NC USA
    Motivation and Emotions @ Winston-Salem State University, NC USA
    Seminar in Cultural Neuroscience @ Winston-Salem State University, NC USA













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    Online Course: Our Biosocial Brains

    (to be well)



    FOR WHO? Anyone who feels less than at your best mentally, spiritually, socially and wants to reset mind/brain consciousness and human connection to support optimal wellness.



    Your brain is shaped and molded by exposure to stimuli in the environment. Are you protecting your brain from toxic social influences? You would wear a helmet on a motorcycle! But what do you do to protect yourself from day to day toxic mental HITS to your brain? This course includes material on social and cultural brain health, and the future of mental health efforts based in culture and community. CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED TO LEARN MORE.






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    Recorded Dialogues & Reflections

    What's on your mind? Contact me about being our guest on


    M&Ms' Musings: A Podcast (with professor, cousin Dr. Michael A. Lewis)